We provide a full range of services connected with Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) installations for commercial, private and public sector projects.
Owing to our team’s in-house expertise we guarantee a pro-active approach and seek to work with professionals to ensure an efficient delivery of services from the tender phase to project completion. We employ Project Managers, Technical Managers and Site Managers who offer a wide and inclusive approach with attention to other trades and aspects of the construction process.
CSI MEP Contracting

HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Protection

Our highly experienced mechanical, electrical and public health (MEP) team drive efficiency and value on site by offering specialist contracting capability that drives value and efficient on one of the largest construction packages on site.

⦿ Energy-Efficient Heating and Air Conditioning
⦿ Humidity Control System

⦿ Natural Smoke and Heat Exhaust System
⦿ Mechanical Smoke and Heat Exhaust System
⦿ Smoke Pressure Systems

⦿ Domestic Water & Drainage Systems
⦿ Rainwater Drainage Systems

⦿ Hydrant & Sprinkler Systems
⦿ Gas Suppression Systems
⦿ Water Mist Systems

⦿ VAV Systems
⦿ Chiller with Cooling Tower and Boiler
⦿ Water-Source Heat Pump System with a Cooling Tower and Boiler



We specialize in a wide range of electrical installations from power distribution and lighting to special services such as voice and data systems, thermal imaging and solar panels.

⦿ Cable Tray Installation
⦿ Cable Pulling
⦿ Cable Termination
⦿ Panel, Substation, Transformer Installation

⦿ General Lighting
⦿ Outside Lighting
⦿ Emergency Lighting

⦿ Fire Alarm Services
⦿ CCTV Systems
⦿ Access Control Systems
⦿ Voice & Data Installations
⦿ And Others

⦿ The lightning rod (simple rod or with triggering system)
⦿ The lightning rod with taut wires.
⦿ The lightning conductor with meshed cage (Faraday cage)

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